Annual Report 2017 – 2018

Report submitted to the 2nd General Body

Date: Oct 14, Sunday 2018, San Jose, California

1. Introduction

Ambedkar King Study Circle (AKSC) was started in October 2016.  Nonetheless there was a loose discussion for a long time to start a study circle, a concrete idea has taken shape in Aug 2016 followed by protest organized in San Francisco against Dalits being attacked in Una, Gujarat.

This report has details of programs organized between Oct 2017 and 2018.

AKSC’s activities are categorized as below :

  • Programs Organized.
  • Books read and discussed.
  • Audio Conferences.
  • Other Interventions

2. Programs Organized

Sl.No Program Name Date Venue
1 October: 10 days that Shook the World , Documentary Screening Nov 07, 2017 San Jose, CA
2 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr , 89th Birthday Commemoration Jan 13, 2018 San Jose, CA
3 Talk by Aloor Shanavas Feb 25, 2018 Fremont, CA
4 Babasaheb Dr B.R Ambedkar Birthday Commemoration Apr 15, 2018 Stanford, CA
5 Vladimir I Lenin Birthday Commemoration Apr 22, 2018 San Jose, CA
6 Talk by Su Venkatesan and Aazhi Senthilnathan Jul 15, 2018 Fremont, CA
7 AKSC Annual Conference Sep 08, 2018 Cupertino, CA
8 Thanthai Periyar E.V Ramasamy 140th Birth Anniversary Commemoration Sep 22, 2018 Cupertino, CA
9 Democracy and Dissent in India Today: Conversation with Niranjan Takle Oct 02, 2017 San Jose, CA

2.1 October: 10 days that Shook the World , Documentary Screening

On Nov 7th, 2017 San Jose Peace and Justice Center and Ambedkar King Study Circle have jointly organized a screening of “October: 10 days that Shook the World” directed by Sergei Eisenstein to commemorate 100th anniversary of Russian Revolution.

This film is based on American journalist John Reed’s popular book and eyewitness account “Ten Days that Shook the World.” The formation of the world’s first socialist state, despite its flaws, is arguably the single most earth shaking event of the twentieth century. Followed by Russian Revolution in 1917 , the USSR is formed in 1922. Russian revolution is a great source of inspiration for the toiling masses of the colonial countries to further their freedom struggle.

India and the USSR had a good friendship beyond foreign relations. The USSR helped the new-born nation since 1947 with technology and trade. Indian government released a postage stamp in commemorating 50th anniversary of the USSR in 1972.  Dr B.R Ambedkar wrote in ‘Buddha or Karl Marx’ that the Russian form of government is good for all backward countries.

2.2 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, 89th Birthday Commemoration

On Sat Jan 13 2018 AKSC joined with San Jose Peace & Justice Centre for commemorating the Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday. Till 2017 it was Mr. Gandhi who was celebrated along with Dr. King. But this year SJPC decided to introduce Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar as both Dr. King’s and Babasaheb’s ideology of fighting for social justice and equality is aligned well.

The program was conducted at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Library, San Jose. The function was hosted by Dr. Ruth Wilson, started with African Music along with Parai music (musical instrument only oppressed caste used play in Tamil Nadu, India). Dr. Babasaheb was introduced to around 100+  audience from different racial and social backgrounds, by Mr. Elancheran Subramanian, Executive Committee Member, AKSC. He gave a brief introduction Dr. Ambedkar’s  work as a social reformist and how did he able to achieve the constitutional rights for oppressed castes of India. He compared Mr. Gandhi’s stand with social order than the social justice. The audience were very excited to hear about Dr. Ambedkar and very eager to learn about his work in Social equality for oppressed caste people in India, women rights & empowerment, labour laws which supports 8 hrs working hours and his other scholastic works.

2.3 Talk by Aloor Shanavas

On Feb 25, 2018, AKSC joined hands with American Adirai Forum and hosted a program having Mr.Aloor Shanavas – Deputy General Secretary of Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi (VCK), TamilNadu. Mr.Shanavas delivered the speech on title “Keezhadi to Harvard – The Struggles being faced by Tamil People”. It was well attended and well received program by more than 100 people at Irvington Community Center, Fremont, CA.  Mr.Karthikeyan of AKSC welcomed all and Mr. Thillai.Kumaran introduced the guest speaker Mr. Shavanas while Ms. Kanagalakshmi of AKSC anchoring the entire program.

This program was conducted on the backdrop of when India government prematurely were closing down more than 3000 yrs old archaeological site at Keezhadi village in State of TamilNadu and also against the wrong propaganda made by fascist hindutva forces were trying to undermine the USA Tamil diaspora effort to setup Tamil Chair department in world prestige Harvard University to conduct research on Tamil language antiquity.

Mr.Shanavas explained how the Keezhadi excavation site proved the antiquity of Tamil race and also how Varna and Caste didn’t exist in their society. Similarly he questioned why the fascist forces not opposing one individual, Infosys Narayana Murthy, funded Sanskrit Chair at Harvard University but at same time they were opposing the Tamil Chair which funded by entire Tamil diaspora of USA. He also explained why one of India’s greatest social-reformer  Periyar’s atheism is not based on religious belief but purely based on Social-Justice. In summary, it was an excellent program to understand why the fascist hindutva forces systematically trying to destroy Tamil language and its unique & secular cultures. The program ended after audience participated Q&A session and Mr. Kanak of AKSC’s thank you note.

2.4 Babasaheb Dr B.R Ambedkar Birthday Commemoration

Babasaheb Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s 127th birthday was celebrated on April 15th, 2018, in Stanford University Campus. The theme of the commemoration was  “Social Justice in Neoliberal Era.” It was jointly co-sponsored by following organizations such as Ambedkar King Study Circle (AKSC) , San Jose Peace and Justice Center (SJPJC) , Alliance for South Asians Taking Action (ASATA), Organizations for Minorities of India (OFMI), Sri Guru Ravidass Sabha, Bay Area, Ambedkar International Center (AIC), Association for India’s Development (AID) – Bay Area Chapter, Asha for Education (Stanford Chapter).

The program is anchored by Mr. Kanak of AKSC and Mr.Pavan of Association for India(AID) co-hosted the event. Around 80 people including college students attended the program. Participants observed a moment of silence for victims of rape in Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, and for those 11 dalits killed in violence unleashed by the Hindutva forces during the April 2nd Bharat Bandh as a protest to indian supreme court’s ruling to dilute SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act.

Quoting various writings of Dr.Ambedkar on inequality, democracy, social-justice and economic conditions Mr. Karthikeyan of AKSC welcomed the gathering. Mr. Elancheran of AKSC delivered important speech of Dr.Ambedkar’s Hindu Code Bill, how it was dragged for many years without any resolution and finally killed by so-called upper caste hindus. Mr.Pieter Friedrich of Organization for Minorities of India(OFMI) talked about the argument on policies and beliefs between Mr.Gandhi and Dr.Ambedkar on Caste issue. Ms.Sonali of Association for India(AID) as a Silicon Valley Techie, narrated her own personal experiences and explained on how the so called upper caste family has privileges and advantage to get ahead of lower caste and untouchable people of India. Mr.Sharat of San Jose Peace and Justice Center (SJPJC) compared Dr.Sun Yat-sen of China and Dr. Ambedkar of India. He further made an appeal to the elite among the Dalits especially who has an opportunity to come to the USA to be politically more responsible in fighting against all inequality since they have sufficient material condition to do so. Prof. Rajkumar Hans from India  talked about fraudulent gods of Hindu religion and religious false practices and how Dr.Ambedkar vehemently opposed Hinduism.

Many participants among audience fiercely discussed on various topics like caste previlagues, reservation and current economics conditions of dalits & adivasis.  Ms.Asti Board of Directors of AID delivered the Vote of Thanks.

2.5 Vladimir I Lenin Birthday Commemoration

Vladimir I Lenin (1870-1924) has been the source of inspiration for the working class across the globe. Followed by the RSS/BJP’s narrow victory in terms of percentage in March 2017 assembly elections in Tripura, a north eastern Indian state in next 48 it started to vandalize the statues of Lenin in Sabroom and Belonia, Tripura.

False propaganda and terrorizing the people are means and methods of the communal forces. AKSC decided to respond these communal forces by organizing a small birthday celebration on April 22 on his 148th birthday by discussing one of the important book written by him. We read and discussed The State and Revolution by Lenin.

Since majority of us belong to professional / white collar workers most of the times we are disconnected from the working class issues and more importantly during the crisis wrongly we take position with the capitalist class rather with the working class. Lenin’s teaching will help us to raise our class consciousness to stand with the working class during the time of the crisis rather with the bourgeoisie class.

Lenin writes in S&R, “A democratic republic is the best possible political shell for capitalism, and, therefore, once capital has gained possession of this very best shell , it establishes its power so securely, so firmly, that no change of persons, institutions or parties in the bourgeois-democratic republic can shake it  … We are in favor of a democratic republic as the best form of state for the proletariat under capitalism. But we have no right to forget that wage slavery is the lot of the people even in the most democratic bourgeois republic. Furthermore, every state is a “special force” for the suppression of the oppressed class. Consequently, every state is not “free” and not a “people’s state” … Bourgeois states are most varied in form, but their essence is the same: all these states, whatever their form, in the final analysis are inevitably the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie.”

This very ‘democratic republic’ itself is in danger under semi fascist rule of the RSS/BJP. Also we recalled the Indian government released postage stamp on Lenin’s 100  birth anniversary in 1970. This discussion took place in San Jose Peace and Justice Center and attended by Sharat of of SJPnJC and a few students from Anakbayan, an Filipino student organization.

2.6 Talk by Su Venkatesan and Aazhi Senthilnathan

2018-07-15: Organized a speech with Com. Su Venkatesan , Sahitya Academy Awards winner and Com. Aazhi Senthilnathan , a political activist from Tamilnadu. The talks focused on how the Hindutva forces tried to erase the secular and intellectual tradition of Indian history and the necessity to strengthen Indian federal setup with more power to the states besides responsibility. The program started with an international anthem.

When Su.Venkatesan talked about women’s power and the rich culture of south India has been revealed more with the Keezhadi excavation. Azhi publication Senthilnathan talked about what was the real reason behind the India Pakistan separation and how that basis still not solved. Instead of being a state Tamilnadu forced to be a colony of India.

This was a big successful event with more than 100 participated and had very meaningful discussion. There was people from Sacramento and other places came and participated for this event. Tamil scholar Mamuthu Ayya and his grand daughter attended the event. She entertained audience with her song.

2.7 AKSC Annual Conference

AKSC’s first ever Annual Conference was held on 8th September 2018 in Cupertino, CA. The theme of the conference was generally about the rising tide of fascism all over the world and in India in particular under the banner of Hindutva.  The AKSC conference was well attended and people came from Seattle, Portland, Redding and even as far as North Carolina.

Dr. Ruth Wilson, the Chair of the African American Studies program kicked off the conference with an inspiring talk about Dr. Martin Luther King. The famous activist Teesta Setalvad spoke about the increasingly difficult conditions in India as the BJP and the Modi administration has become increasingly belligerent in its dealings with socio-economic issues relating to Dalits and minorities while promoting hyper-capitalist, neoliberal policies. Dr. Max Elbaum gave a speech highlighting the necessity for the Left, of building broad coalitions to combat and stem the tide of fascism. Dalit activist Ms. Thenmozhi Soundararajan, talked about her work in leading a Dalit women-centered, feminist, anti-caste struggle and recent events that bring to light the fascist and casteist agenda of the Hindutva diaspora in the US. Mr. Thillaikumaran gave a talk on Dr. Palaniappan’s original research into the casteless society of Tamils during the Sangam age. Finally Dr. Moses Seenarine gave a very interesting talk which synthesized how the gravest threat to the planet, climate change, is a product not only of capitalism but also the privileges of toxic masculinity and thousands of years of patriarchy.

The conference is attended by close to 80 people. Participants are split into 6 groups and the groups discussed each topic presented in the conference after the talk and shared their group opinion and raised the questions discussed in the group. Such group participation helped the people to build organic link and share their opinion freely and importantly every one’s opinion was captured.

2 resolutions are passed. One resolution on taking Dr Ambedkar’s writings to the American universities and another one to hold a annual conference with other like minded organizations in bay area.

2.8 Thanthai Periyar E.V Ramasamy 140th Birth Anniversary Commemoration

AKSC and other allied progressive organizations such as San Jose Peace and Justice Center (SJPnJC), Association for India’s Development (AID), Bay Area, Ambedkar Association of North America(AANA), Ambedkar International Mission (AIM), Ambedkar International Center(AIC) and Kabila Pari Friendship Study Circle (KPFSC), American Tamil Radio(ATR) came together and commemorated 140th birth anniversary of social revolutionist Periyar E.V Ramasamy in Cupertino, California, USA on Sep 22, Saturday. Around 80 people with families and kids  enthusiastically attended, cheered the program  and paid tribute to the social legend Periyar.

Dr. Vaa. Greetha addressed the audience over the video conference from India. She applauded how Periyar lived a A Model Public Life. She said Periyar upheld equality and self-respect over everything else. She added that Periyar was comfortable and confident to challenge and to be challenged publicly  and even he was willing to share dais with his ideological opponents such as Sankaracharya a head of the Hindu Saivite section. Noted that Periyar’s writings are started to translate into other Indian languages such as Hindi so to challenge the Hindutuva at all India level.

Dr Victor, author of more than 100 books and have in-depth knowledge in Tamil literature addressed the audience that Tamil Nadu had such a conducive environment to produce leaders like Periyar though it was a progressive society since Sangam time i.e 2000 years ago, when the word caste(Jati) itself was unknown in Tamil society. He recalled the anti caste activism and movement of pre Periyar era especially from Ayothidasar who published the Magazines such as  ‘Dravidian’ and ‘One Penny Tamizhan’

Mr Mani M Manivannan, profession by software engineering executive and scholar in linguistic and social studies by interest , in his address to the audience vividly narrated Periyar’s radical life and conspicuous changes it has made in Tamil Society. He pondered and shared the interesting fact that even in his own and extended families the educated and professional classes are insensitive to Periyar while farmers and working classes are still celebrating Periyar and emotionally connected with him.

Question and answer session followed by the speeches was insightful and covered ranging from but not limited to: Periyar’s atheism, his critique of Tamil language, his position on the emancipation of Dalits, his radical ideas on women’s liberation, who are the defenders of Periyar’s ideology and who can carry forward his vision and mission now,  why the land of Periyar witnessing honor killings.

2.9 Democracy and Dissent in India Today: Conversation with Niranjan Takle

Oct 2, 2018 , the AKSC with the ICW(India Civil Watch) and the ASATA (Alliance of South Asians Taking Action) organized a session with investigative journalist Mr. Niranjan Takle from India at San Jose Peace and Justice Center.

Mr. Niranjan walked us through his investigation of Judge Loya’s alleged murder who was investigating Sohrabuddin fake encounter case  in which the BJP president Amit Shah was charge sheeted as 16th accused person. Mr. Niranjan expresseded his agony over the suppression of free press in India. Mr. Niranjan recalled the event of 4 supreme court judges went public in the way cases are assigned in the Supreme Court and directly mentioned about Judge Loya.

Mr. Niranjan mentioned about the book he’s currently working about Dr. B.R Ambedkar role in preparing indian electoral roll in 1947 for the first Indian general election. Dr. Ambedkar and Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru are the only people assigned with the responsibility in which Dr Ambedkar’s role in very remarkable.

The talk was live streamed with 15 persons attend in-person. This talk was quickly organized and held on a weekday evening.

3. Books read and discussed

Sl.No Book Date
1 The Untouchables: Who are They and Why They Became Untouchables by Ambedkar Nov and Dec  2017
2 A people’s History of The United States by Howard Zinn Jan 2017 – Oct 2018

Between Nov 2017 and Oct 2018 , we have 12 book discussions and covered 2 books. People’s history is still in progress. Since it’s 680 pages book, the book is split and read on each month. So far 1st 22 chapters are covered with 3 more chapters pending.

4. Audio Conferences

Sl.No Program Date
1 The challenges of building a unified movement of Oppressed, Marginalized and Exploited in India today by Dr. Goldy M. George,Chief Editor, Journal of People’s Studies Nov 18, 2017
2 Manifestation of Caste and Gender Based Violence in Contemporary India and AIPWS’s Interventions by Com. Kavita Krishnan, Secretary of All India Progressive Women’s Association Dec 09, 2017
3 Andal: Assault on Freedom of Expression? By Com. Tamilselvan, Tamil Nadu Progressive Writers and Artists Association Jan 27, 2018
4 Oppressed castes and Swabimhani Dalit Shakti:A dialogue on the movements interventions in Karnataka with Com S Sivalingam, President,Swabimhani Dalit Shakti Mar 30, 2018


5. Other Interventions

Besides organizing the above discussions and conference calls, AKSC organized public demonstration and made other interventions. Some of these demonstration are under AKSC banner and joint banner and sometimes without any banner.

5.1 Intervention in California Social Science Textbook Issue

In 1988 California Department of Education (CDE) adopted a social science framework for school education which is deemed as major overhaul of social science syllabus and subsequently the framework is implemented in 1994.  The framework has included ancient civilizations to be taught in grade 6 includes the caste and religion as part of Indian social system. From 1994, this framework is reviewed and adopted for every 6 years.

2006 adaptation turned as a battlefield between the secular and the Hindutva forces. The Hindutva forces tried to get rid of of Hindu social order or caste system adapted in the text books in the guise of Hinduism is shown in bad light and its gods are disrespected in some illustrations. Some of the objections were true BUT overall tactics of the Hindu right wing forces were to remove the inherent discriminative nature of Hindu social order , caste system. The CDE was firm and rejected the most of the edits of the right wing forces especially on caste system, Indus valley civilization et al meanwhile the CDE agreed to remove some illustration of Hindu gods. The Hindu right wing groups, represented as California Parents For the Equalization of Educational Materials (CPFEEM) challenged the decision in the court. In the interest of time to release and adapt the material the case is settled with $175,000 which the CDE paid to the CPFEEM BUT the content remained same. It’s a major victory of the secular academicians.

Process for 2018 adaptation was started in 2016 and final hearing took place on Nov 7th 2017.  The CPFEEM mobilized more people to insert their version and they are NOT successful with a few of their minor edits are accepted on caste. AKSC has mobilized 11 members to represent themselves as border coalition of South Asian History for All (SAHFA). Please refer ‘Report​ ​on​ ​AKSC’s​ ​participation​ ​in​ ​California​ ​History​ ​and​ ​Social​ ​Science​ ​on​ ​Nov​ ​09​ ​2017, Sacramento,​ ​CA.’ and ‘AKSC_Letter_to_IQC_on_HSS_Nov_03_2017.docx’ for additional details.

5.2 Public Demonstration Against Attack on Bhima Koregaon

On Sat Jan 13 2018 AKSC have joined hands with SJPC and IAMC to register the protest against the attack on Dalits who were commemorating Bhima Koregaon victory peacefully. The attack was preplanned violence where the local crowd was instigated by Sambhaji Bhide and Milind Ekbote to attack the Dalits who were assembling there on Jan 1st year for the last 70 yrs since Dr. Ambedkar started the tradition. For last 70+ years, the commemoration was peaceful, but this year it was the ruling BJP which consists of primarily privileged caste hindus doesn’t like the assertion of the Dalit movement, which resulted in a cruel attack. Due to the Govt inaction on the perpetrators, Dalit organizations were called on a peaceful protest across the nation to condemn the inaction and demanding the arrest of those perpetrators under the leadership of Prakash Ambedkar, grandson of Dr. Ambedkar.  The peaceful protests were distrupted with violent attacks by the same hindu organizations across Maharastra with the help of Police. And the state police started arresting the Dalit youths under the false charges, even the school going kids were arrested when they were returning to their home. In that Bhim Army chief Chandrasekhar Azad was also arrested on the false charges.

So AKSC decided to bring this injustice to larger forum, with the help of the SJPC and IAMC, there was a demonstration done before the Dr. Martin Luther King Library, San Jose, which was attended by more than 30 people, raised slogans against fascist BJP Govt and demanding the release of youths arrested on false charges and demanding the arrest of the perpetrators.

5.3 Bay Area Tamil Women Protest Misogynist Tweets by Community Member, Demand Apology

May 19, Saturday,  nearly 60 Tamil-speaking Indian community members came together to peacefully protest against “sexist and misogynist” comments made on social media by Thirumalai Sa alias Thirumalai Sadagopan put up in Mountain House, California, USA . In April , popular Indian theatre and film actor S Ve Shekar (based in Chennai, India), re-shared this derogatory Facebook post (see screenshot with translation caption), which then went viral, causing a stir in Tamil community forums and media.

A self-organized group of Indian women called Bay Area Progressive Women (BAPWA) led this silent protest with AKSC’s support that culminated in front of Thirumalai Sa’s house. The women demanded to apologize for his derogatory comments casting aspersions on women journalists as being of “loose morals,” and willing to sleep with officials for the sake of a story.

“Such irresponsible comments and opinion may seem trivial and a matter of free speech, but they set a bad precedent, and also have harmful consequences. They can easily discourage young girls and women from our community to become journalists or consider a career in journalism. We demand an apology and retraction of his harmful public statements, said BAPWA “Furthermore, the press is a vital arm for any democracy to function effectively, and to create a climate that detracts girls and women from being seen as empowered and responsible journalists. It is worth noting that Thirumalai Sa’s comments against women in media comes at a context when the current Indian government has itself played a prominent role in labeling mainstream media organizations as “Presstitutes,” implying that journalists and media organizations are up for sale and that “truth-telling has a price-tag.”

The protest itself was a peaceful gathering that saw women and male allies holding placards and signs silently walking from the Mountain House High school campus to the offender’s house and back. BAPWA has also put forth an online petition demanding Thirumalai Sa to apologize – this petition has garnered over 500 signatures.

5.4 Justice For Asifa

On April 29, Sunday IAMC(Indian American Muslim Council) and AKSC along with the other like-minded organizations held a protest in San Jose, CA against the rape and murder of 8 year old Muslim girl at Kathuva, Kashmir and Unnao rape victim.

According to the police investigation the brutal attack was planned and carried out to try and drive her Bakarwal Muslim nomadic shepard community out of the area. All eight men accused in the case are Hindus and they are backed by radical Hindu nationalists who rallied to their defense.

Hundred of women, children and men took part in the protest. The protestors carried the placards to condemn the RSS/BJP government and slogans were raised against the very government which is NOT only insensitive to violence in the name of religion and caste BUT also protector of the people accused in such crimes through popular means.

5.5 Public Demonstration Against Sterlite

[ This public demonstration is NOT organized under any banner and AKSC members were active organizers and participants. This report is prepared by one of the organizer Mr. Kesav]

Copper manufacturing plant Sterlite copper owned by Vedanta Limited comes under ultra red hazardous industry which is present near to village in a location which is not planned for such a industry. People of Tuticorin were opposing this plant since 1999  and there were various protest for the past two decades on various instance . Vedanta Limited has complaints of not following environmental norms and polluted air, water and land in nearby neighborhood  and drinking water has lead content which is 17 times more than allowed limit.

Even though any other industry also add to pollution of Tuticorin which has increased cancer and other respiratory hazards in Tuticorin , the capacity of Sterlite copper is 4 lakh tonnes per year and they planned to increase it to 8 lakh tonnes per year second largest production for copper in the world . Many children have respiratory and cancer even during childhood days.People around 5 km of Sterlite Copper can’t use groundwater as it is contaminated above limit. Sterlite copper dumped more than 10 lakh tonnes of copper slag near uppar canal with no precaution. These are materials which are carcinogenic.

When Sterlite Copper announced its expansion plan , people of Tuticorin doesn’t want to continue the mess. People from USA who are concerned about the people of Tuticorin conducted protest immediately after the day people of Tuticorin started the protest . To show our solidarity to tuticorin ,  people across USA organized protest on April 2 2018. As part of SFO bay area we conducted protest in Milpitas on Apr 2 2018. Around 60-70 people joined the protest.  We signed and sent a petition to Consulate general SFO to be forwarded to Prime minister office of India .

5.6 Public Demonstration Against Thoothukudi Firing

[ This public demonstration is NOT organized under any banner and AKSC members were active organizers and participants. This report is prepared by one of the organizer Mr. Kesav]

Sterlite protest group staged a 100 day long protest demanding closure of Sterlite. Taminadu govt didn’t talk to them for 99 days.  On 100 th  day May 22 around one lakh people conducted a peaceful  rally to submit a petition to district collector office. Police without uniform  resorted to lathi charge against the protestor and opened fire randomly which killed 13 people mercilessly . 17 year old Snowlyn was shot on her mouth. The peaceful rally was turned into agitation by police .

We were shocked to hear the news on Tuticorin Massacre on May 22 which killed 13 people and several injured . People demanded for clean air,water and land but were oppressed by government and corporate by mercilessly killing people.

We organized protest on May 26 in front of Consulate general SFO  in spite of request from other chapter in USA  that they are receiving threat call not to stage a protest . We went ahead with protest at door step of SFO consulate.Around 200 people joined the protest to condemn the act of government to oppress its own people. We submitted petition to Consulate general SFO to be forwarded to PMO.

Sterlite Copper was announced by Government to stop operation but still Vedanta is trying all ways to get the factory back. Vedanta is delisted from London stock exchange after this Massacre.

5.7 Public Demonstration to condemn the arrest of Bhima Koregaon Activists

AKSC organized a public demonstration on Friday September 7th in Cupertino, to condemn the unlawful and unnecessary arrests of human-rights activists in India who had raised their voices against the right-wing Hindu, privileged caste violence against the celebrations in Bhima Koregaon. The fascist Hindutva Modi administration used the draconian Unlawful Activities Prevention Act to arrest the activists. The AKSC protest attracted attention since it was held during rush hour at a busy intersection in Cupertino, California and at least a few bystanders stopped and asked about the reasons for the protest.

5.8 Intervention and Campaign Against WHC

Ever since the NDA(National Democratic Alliance) has formed the government in May 2014 with the RSS/BJP a clear majority , it’s emboldened to pursue neoliberal policies by suppressing the rights of the working class.  The state machinery with the support of the Sangh parivar curtailed and denied the civil rights to the religious minorities and Dalits and Adivasis by terrorizing them. Currently the NDA is controlling 22 Indian state assemblies. The NDA may go to any extend to win the 2019 general elections. In this backdrop, the Sangh parivar organized the World Hindu Congress (WCH) in Chicago on Sep 7-9 to propagate the idea of Hindutva or Hindu nationalism and more importantly trying to get the world recognition to such hatred ideology expected little resistance.

The WHC is challenged and exposed by the progressive and democratic forces of Indian diaspora . There were several public protests at the WHC by various Sikh, Dalit-Bahujan Muslim, and social justice groups. Chicago South Asians for Justice , consists of 2nd generation Indian youths, bravely entered into the WHC conference hall and registered their protest. The AKSC wholeheartedly congratulates these brave and young people who stood against the fascist forces.

The AKSC has worked with Coalition for the Defense of the Constitution and Democracy  (CDCD) to stop the membres holding the public offices and demanded them to make a public statement. The AKSC involved in 2 such public campaigns. The AKSC with 8 other organizations demanded Rep.Tulsi Gabbard, a democrat congress women, NOT to attend the WHC and to issue a public statement on the same and Rep. Gabbard have NOT attended the conference and issues a public statement. In another campaign the AKSC and other 12 organizations took up a campaign to demand Rep. Ash Kalra, a democrat from California state legislative, NOT to attend the WHC and to issue a public statement, Rep Kalra has NOT attended the WHC BUT he’s NOT issued a public statement.

Please refer for more details.

6 Newsletters

AKSC sends quarterly newsletter to its members and supporters. First newsletter was sent on June 2018. The next one which is due on Sep 2018 was delayed thanks to conference work and it’ll be out soon. Newsletter will be regular here after.