AKSC Young Ambassador Program

The goal of the Ambedkar King Study Circle is to promote an egalitarian society by challenging caste, class, race, gender and religious oppression and standing with the oppressed in their struggle for freedom.

We are introducing a young ambassador program because:

  1. We believe that young people, coming into a deeply divided and starkly unequal world, will overcome the struggles of the past generations through critical education, skillful organization & strategic direct action
  2. We believe that the next generation, more resolute about bringing forth an equitable world, can use the essential learning from prior generations, to create a world free of all oppressions, for all time to come
  3. We believe that our generation’s actions most affect posterity; that it is necessary for us to keep our ears to the ground and hear feedback from the next generation about the actions we are undertaking

Our youth ambassadors will serve in positions that will provide us an opportunity to act on the above beliefs. And through the discussions and activities they undertake in these roles, they will also gain the following:

  1. A foundational understanding of the systems and structures that make our modern world and the way they replicate within us and our societies through interactions with movement leaders and scholars
  2. The expansive ideals of social justice that they can take back to your base and future endeavors
  3. Hands on leadership skills: Empathy, Persuasive Communication
  4. Practical skills you will gain: Community Engagement, Analytics, Media and Communication


  1. High school & college students in the USA who are interested in solving the issues plaguing our society today.

How to Apply:

Submit your application at https://bit.ly/AkscYap