Cisco Caste Discrimination – News coverage list

‘Casteism is Ancestry-based Discrimination’: Ambedkar International Center Files Amicus Brief in US Court on CISCO Caste Row NEWS18
By: Staff
Cisco caste bias lawsuit in US: Ambedkar International Centre files brief with court The News Minute Haripriya Suresh 02/25/2021
Caste away: how Indian discrimination patterns have seeped into the US Documentary channel (RT Doc) By: Staff 02/21/2021
California federal caste-based discrimination case dropped, to be re-filed SF Chronicle
Chase DiFeliciantonio 10/16/2020
How India’s ancient caste system is ruining lives in Silicon Valley ZDNet
Rajiv Rao
A Silicon Valley lawsuit reveals caste discrimination is rife in the US TRTWORLD
Amar Diwakar 9/15/2020
Even in the US, South Asians say caste has proved hard to escape CNN
Harmeet Kaur 9/8/2020
Cisco is being sued for alleged caste discrimination CGTN
By: Staff 9/5/2020
Activists push tech to address caste discrimination after Cisco lawsuit SF Chronicle Shwanika Narayan & Chase DiFeliciantonio 8/13/2020
Combat caste-based discrimination: IAAAC to US tech CEOs
Indian-American anti-caste group urges companies to include as a factor in training about diversity and inclusion
Sabrang India By: Staff 8/13/2020
After Cisco, HCL sued by former Indian employee in US over caste discrimination The News Minute TNM staff 8/5/2020
EXCLUSIVE: After Cisco, HCL’s US unit faces lawsuit for sacking employee based on caste Money Control Swathi Moorthy 8/5/2020
Cisco case puts spotlight on long shadow of caste bias among Indians in US tech industry Money Control Swathi Moorthy 8/2/2020
The Specter of Caste in Silicon Valley NY Times Yashica Dutt 7/14/2020
A new lawsuit shines a light on caste discrimination in the U.S. and around the world Washington Post Thenmozhi Soundararajan 7/13/2020
California example – Lawsuit against company for caste discrimination recognises malaise in diaspora. In India, too, equality is work in progress. Indian Express Editorial 7/3/2020
It is time to end caste discrimination in the tech industry (The caste discrimination case against Cisco should be a wake-up call for Silicon Valley companies) Al Jazeera Maya Kamble 7/27/2020
Cisco caste discrimination case busts the myth of the South Asian diaspora as a model minority Scroll IN Anupama Rao 7/7/2020
The Evidence Is Clear, Caste Hurts Corporations In India And Abroad Huffington Post IN Christina Dhanaraj & Hari Bapuji 7/27/2020
Caste Bias Lawsuit Against Cisco Tests Rare Workplace Claim Bloomberg Law Paige Smith 7/17/2020
America’s ‘untouchables’: the silent power of the caste system The Guardian Isabel Wilkerson 7/28/2020
America’s Enduring Caste System Our founding ideals promise liberty and equality for all. Our reality is an enduring racial hierarchy that has persisted for centuries NY Times Isabel Wilkerson 7/1/2020
Cisco Case Reaffirms Diabolical Character of Brahminical Supremacy in Private Sector The Standpoints IN Subhajit Naskar 7/19/2020
The Cisco Case Could Expose Rampant Prejudice Against Dalits in Silicon Valley The Wire IN Anahita Mukherji 7/8/2020
Caste-based Discrimination at Work in US: Tech Workers’ Body Gathering Evidence – Ambedkar King Study Circle initiates the move following US State’s lawsuit against Cisco alleging caste prejudice Times Group N/A 7/29/2020
California accuses Cisco of job discrimination based on Indian employee’s caste Y Combinator (discussion thread) By Users 7/1/2020
US Ambedkarite Groups Extend Support to Cisco Employee Who Allegedly Faced Caste Discrimination The Wire IN The Wire Staff 7/4/2020
‘CISCO Case Just The Tip of The Iceberg’: US-based Dalits Worry over Export of Indian Caste System NEWS18 Eram Agha 7/2/2020
Caste is part of the Silicon Valley ecosystem: Equality Labs director on Cisco case The News Minute Geetika Mantri 7/1/2006
California’s Lawsuit Against Cisco Proves That Caste is India’s Most Shameful Export QRIUS QRIUS Staff 7/3/2020
Cisco allowed caste-based discrimination against engineer of Indian origin, state of California alleges Cisco says it didn’t break the law or its own policies Mercury News ETHAN BARON 7/2/2020
California accuses Cisco of job discrimination based on Indian employee’s caste Reuters Paresh Dave 6/30/2020
California sues Cisco alleging discrimination based on India’s caste system LA Times AP 7/2/2020
Cisco sued for bias based on Indian caste system Market Watch AP 7/1/2020
California Sues Cisco Over Alleged Caste Discrimination Against Dalit Indian Employee CBS Local (SF) N/A 7/1/2020
Cisco Sued for Discrimination Based on Caste CFO By: Legal 7/2/2020
California sues Cisco for bias based on Indian caste system Economic Times AP 7/2/2020
California accuses Cisco of job discrimination based on employee’s caste The Hindu By: REUTERS 7/1/2020
In a new lawsuit, California accuses Cisco of allowing 2 managers to harass a fellow Indian employee from the ‘untouchable’ caste Business Insider Benjamin Pimentel 7/1/2020
Cisco Sued For Discrimination Based On Indian Caste System HW News Tejas Joshi 7/4/2020
California state sues Cisco for caste-based discrimination against Indian-American employee The Print IN Pia Krishnankutty 7/1/2020
California sues Cisco for alleged discrimination against employee because of caste CNN Rishi Iyengar 7/1/2020
Cisco sued by California state for job discrimination based on Indian employee’s caste Money Control N/A 7/1/2020
Cisco accused of job discrimination based on Indian employee’s caste Deccan Chronicle By: REUTERS 7/1/2020
California sues Cisco over discrimination against dalit employee The Week IN Web Desk 7/1/2020
Cisco Sued Over Alleged Caste-Based Discrimination in California THE QUINT By: Staff 7/2/2020
California lawsuit alleges caste-based discrimination at Cisco Diyatv USA Jose Garza 7/7/2020
Cisco Case Shows Indians Still Take Caste Where they Go How discrimination is integrated into the daily lives of the Indian diaspora still needs to be understood Newsclick IN Subhash Gatade 7/15/2020
After case against Cisco, US group gathers evidence against caste discrimination in Silicon Valley Economic Times Ayan Pramanik & Anandi Chandrashekhar 7/28/2020
Caste-based Discrimination at Work in US: Tech Workers’ Body Gathering Evidence (Ambedkar King Study Circle initiates the move following US State’s lawsuit against Cisco alleging caste prejudice) Economic Times (epaper) Ayan Pramanik & Anandi Chandrashekhar 7/28/2020
Caste-based Discrimination in the United States Indo America Equality Kanmani 7/25/2020
After Cisco case, Dalit rights group collects testimonies on caste privilege in the US Times of India Chandrima Banerjee 7/22/2020
Cisco Caste Discrimination Case – Understand the Threat of Brahmins as Power-Hungry Monsters Velivada Thaiyaan 7/20/2020
Cisco Caste Lawsuit May Impact All US Companies With Indian Employees NDTV Thenmozhi Soundararajan 7/17/2020
California’s landmark lawsuit against Cisco trains the spotlight on casteism in the tech world Scroll IN Anisha Sircar 7/11/2020
Caste Bias Isn’t Illegal In The United States. But This University Is Trying To Fight It WGBH Phillip Martin 2/27/2019
It’s More Than Racism: Isabel Wilkerson Explains America’s ‘Caste’ System Terry Gross (interview with Author Isabel Wilkerson) NPR (Fresh Air) 8/4/2020
Oprah sends 500 CEOs and leaders copies of ‘Caste,’ which compares America’s racial hierarchy to India and Nazi Germany CNN Harmeet Kaur 8/5/2020
Cisco case shows big corporates, market forces can’t fix caste bias. Govts must intervene Print IN PARDEEP ATTRI 8/3/2020