Cisco Caste Discrimination – News coverage list

After Cisco, HCL sued by former Indian employee in US over caste discriminationThe News MinuteTNM staff8/5/2020
The Specter of Caste in Silicon ValleyNY TimesYashica Dutt7/14/2020
A new lawsuit shines a light on caste discrimination in the U.S. and around the worldWashington PostThenmozhi Soundararajan7/13/2020
California example – Lawsuit against company for caste discrimination recognises malaise in diaspora. In India, too, equality is work in progress.Indian ExpressEditorial7/3/2020
It is time to end caste discrimination in the tech industry (The caste discrimination case against Cisco should be a wake-up call for Silicon Valley companies)Al JazeeraMaya Kamble7/27/2020
Cisco caste discrimination case busts the myth of the South Asian diaspora as a model minorityScroll INAnupama Rao7/7/2020
The Evidence Is Clear, Caste Hurts Corporations In India And AbroadHuffington Post INChristina Dhanaraj & Hari Bapuji7/27/2020
Caste Bias Lawsuit Against Cisco Tests Rare Workplace ClaimBloomberg LawPaige Smith7/17/2020
America’s ‘untouchables’: the silent power of the caste systemThe GuardianIsabel Wilkerson7/28/2020
America’s Enduring Caste System Our founding ideals promise liberty and equality for all. Our reality is an enduring racial hierarchy that has persisted for centuriesNY TimesIsabel Wilkerson7/1/2020
Cisco Case Reaffirms Diabolical Character of Brahminical Supremacy in Private SectorThe Standpoints INSubhajit Naskar7/19/2020
The Cisco Case Could Expose Rampant Prejudice Against Dalits in Silicon ValleyThe Wire INAnahita Mukherji7/8/2020
Caste-based Discrimination at Work in US: Tech Workers’ Body Gathering Evidence – Ambedkar King Study Circle initiates the move following US State’s lawsuit against Cisco alleging caste prejudiceTimes GroupN/A7/29/2020
California accuses Cisco of job discrimination based on Indian employee’s casteY Combinator (discussion thread)By Users7/1/2020
US Ambedkarite Groups Extend Support to Cisco Employee Who Allegedly Faced Caste DiscriminationThe Wire INThe Wire Staff7/4/2020
‘CISCO Case Just The Tip of The Iceberg’: US-based Dalits Worry over Export of Indian Caste SystemNEWS18Eram Agha7/2/2020
Caste is part of the Silicon Valley ecosystem: Equality Labs director on Cisco caseThe News MinuteGeetika Mantri7/1/2006
California’s Lawsuit Against Cisco Proves That Caste is India’s Most Shameful ExportQRIUSQRIUS Staff7/3/2020
Cisco allowed caste-based discrimination against engineer of Indian origin, state of California alleges Cisco says it didn’t break the law or its own policiesMercury NewsETHAN BARON7/2/2020
California accuses Cisco of job discrimination based on Indian employee’s casteReutersParesh Dave6/30/2020
California sues Cisco alleging discrimination based on India’s caste systemLA TimesAP7/2/2020
Cisco sued for bias based on Indian caste systemMarket WatchAP7/1/2020
California Sues Cisco Over Alleged Caste Discrimination Against Dalit Indian EmployeeCBS Local (SF)N/A7/1/2020
Cisco Sued for Discrimination Based on CasteCFOBy: Legal7/2/2020
California sues Cisco for bias based on Indian caste systemEconomic TimesAP7/2/2020
California accuses Cisco of job discrimination based on employee’s casteThe HinduBy: REUTERS7/1/2020
In a new lawsuit, California accuses Cisco of allowing 2 managers to harass a fellow Indian employee from the ‘untouchable’ casteBusiness InsiderBenjamin Pimentel7/1/2020
Cisco Sued For Discrimination Based On Indian Caste SystemHW NewsTejas Joshi7/4/2020
California state sues Cisco for caste-based discrimination against Indian-American employeeThe Print INPia Krishnankutty7/1/2020
California sues Cisco for alleged discrimination against employee because of casteCNNRishi Iyengar7/1/2020
Cisco sued by California state for job discrimination based on Indian employee’s casteMoney ControlN/A7/1/2020
Cisco accused of job discrimination based on Indian employee’s casteDeccan ChronicleBy: REUTERS7/1/2020
California sues Cisco over discrimination against dalit employeeThe Week INWeb Desk7/1/2020
Cisco Sued Over Alleged Caste-Based Discrimination in CaliforniaTHE QUINTBy: Staff7/2/2020
California lawsuit alleges caste-based discrimination at CiscoDiyatv USAJose Garza7/7/2020
Cisco Case Shows Indians Still Take Caste Where they Go How discrimination is integrated into the daily lives of the Indian diaspora still needs to be understoodNewsclick INSubhash Gatade7/15/2020
After case against Cisco, US group gathers evidence against caste discrimination in Silicon ValleyEconomic TimesAyan Pramanik & Anandi Chandrashekhar7/28/2020
Caste-based Discrimination at Work in US: Tech Workers’ Body Gathering Evidence (Ambedkar King Study Circle initiates the move following US State’s lawsuit against Cisco alleging caste prejudice)Economic Times (epaper)Ayan Pramanik & Anandi Chandrashekhar7/28/2020
Caste-based Discrimination in the United StatesIndo America EqualityKanmani7/25/2020
After Cisco case, Dalit rights group collects testimonies on caste privilege in the USTimes of IndiaChandrima Banerjee7/22/2020
Cisco Caste Discrimination Case – Understand the Threat of Brahmins as Power-Hungry MonstersVelivadaThaiyaan7/20/2020
Cisco Caste Lawsuit May Impact All US Companies With Indian EmployeesNDTVThenmozhi Soundararajan7/17/2020
California’s landmark lawsuit against Cisco trains the spotlight on casteism in the tech worldScroll INAnisha Sircar7/11/2020
Caste Bias Isn’t Illegal In The United States. But This University Is Trying To Fight ItWGBHPhillip Martin2/27/2019
It’s More Than Racism: Isabel Wilkerson Explains America’s ‘Caste’ System Terry Gross (interview with Author Isabel Wilkerson)NPR (Fresh Air)8/4/2020
Oprah sends 500 CEOs and leaders copies of ‘Caste,’ which compares America’s racial hierarchy to India and Nazi GermanyCNNHarmeet Kaur8/5/2020