Statement: On harassment of Com.Divya

On harassment of Com. Divya over the phone and in social media


First and foremost, it’s highly deplorable and condemnable that followers of Dr.Krishnasamy, leader of Puthiya Tamilagam (PT) allegedly harassed Com. Divya Bharathi, director of far-reaching ‘Kakkoos’ documentary which depicts the life of manual scavengers, over the phone using uncivilized and filthy languages. Ambedkar King Study Circle (AKSC), California, USA strongly condemn this act. In making the situation worse the RSS/BJP members too abusing Divya over the phone and identify themselves as Pallars where the fact is they aren’t.

This is started with that ‘Kakkoos’ has made a reference about Devendra Kula Vellalars (DVK) / Pallars are also employed as manual scavengers or involved in doing UNCLEAN jobs. Dr.Krishnasamy is highly agitated by such a reference.

If Dr.Krishnasamy is really agitated and interested he could have asked additional details from Com. Divya. He can later come to a conclusion after going through the details and can plan for intervention if the information is indeed true, if NOT then he could have approached the court. Now, He’s completely mishandled the entire situation by openly announcing that he’ll be going to court without proper analysis of the facts shown in the documentary. This has misled his followers to react against Com. Divya.

Com. Divya too in her part could have published the details in the public forum where DVKs are employed in manual scavenging and in doing unclean jobs when Dr.Krishnasamy challenged her since she has traveled across the state to collect sources for her documentary.

Who are Dalits and how they are seen in society:

There is a mass / collective consciousness who are untouchables and how they are made so amidst Indians? They are UNCLEAN hence doing UNCLEAN work. It’s completely wrong. No, they are doing unclean work hence they are unclean. This is still WRONG despite NOT completely. Historic facts established that the people who challenged Brahmanism are made as UNTOUCHABLES.

Dalit is a socio-political term and the legal term is Scheduled Castes. The term Scheduled Castes was introduced as per the Government of India Act 1935. Till 1935 the same people were referred as ‘Depressed Class / Caste’. The term ‘Depressed Class / Caste’ was introduced in the 1911 census to differentiate the Hindus whose certain practices differed from other Hindus. These Hindus whose certain practices are different are those who:

(1) denied the supremacy of the Brahmins,
(2) did not receive the Mantra from Brahmana or other recognized Hindu Guru,
(3) denied the authority of the Vedas,
(4) did not worship the great Hindu Gods,
(5) were not served by good Brahmanas,
(6) have no Brahman priests at all,
(7) have no access to the interior of the ordinary Hindu temple, (8) cause pollution,
(9) bury their dead and
(10) eat beef and do not revere the cow.

Out of the 10 points, 6 points emphasize that the group of people who stood against Brahmanism were excluded by the Brahmanic caste and made as chandals or untouchables.
Reference: From Millions to Fractions by Dr. B.R.Ambedkar

What is Brahmanism?

As Dr.Ambedkar writes, ” … By Brahmanism, I do not mean the power, privileges and interests of Brahmins as a community. That is not the sense in which I am using the word. By Brahmanism, I mean the negation of the spirit of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. In that sense, it is rampant in classes and is not confined to the Brahmins alone, though they have been the originators of it. This Brahmanism which pervades everywhere and which regulates the thought and deeds of all classes is an incontrovertible fact …”

Brahmanic pervasion among the backward castes is responsible for practicing untouchability and discriminating Dalits. This very pervasion among Dalits leads to sub caste discrimination. Until such pervasion exists there is no liberation for anyone from the caste and class exploitation.

AKC’s Appeal & Request:

AKSC appeals to the followers of PT to exhort their leadership NOT to be Brahminical. AKSC requests the PT followers to take up complete eradication of manual scavenging as one of their agendas. Also, PT followers should bear in mind as Dr.Ambedkar said, “There are in my view two enemies which the workers of this country have to deal with. The two enemies are Brahmanism and Capitalism.” AKSC as an organization would like to work with the PT to put an end to caste and class exploitation and for the annihilation of castes.

Date: July 30, 2017