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SB403 in a NutshellCalifornia law has hard-won civil rights protections in place for those who may face discrimination based on certain specified categories such as race, color, sex, religion and disability. This bill will add caste to the list of specified protected categories.

The bill has now passed the both the California Senate & Assembly with overwhelming majority votes. To make history, we only NEED GOVERNOR NEWSOM TO SIGN IT INTO LAW.

Act NOW to ensure Gov. Newsom signs SB403:


DateStatus of the Bill
Sep-05-23Passed in a concurrence motion with an impressive 31-5 in the Senate.
Aug-28-23California Assembly overwhelmingly passed with 55-3 votes
Aug-16-23California Assembly Appropriations committee passed overwhelmingly with 13-1 votes
Jul-05-23California Assembly Judiciary committee passed unanimously with 9-0 votes
(with amendments)
May-11-23California Senate overwhelmingly passed with 34-1 votes
Apr-25-23California Senate Judiciary committee passed unanimously with 11-0 votes

What is the goal of SB 403?Caste discrimination, a system of social stratification, is prevalent among the South Asian diaspora of all religions today. It manifests in the US in several ways that include social exclusion, denial of workplace opportunities and outing of caste identity with an intention to discriminate. This bill will provide a legal safeguard to the oppressed castes for their constitutional rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. The goal is to free them from fear and enable them to live up to their full potential.

Quick Overview: How Californians have led the way into the battles against various oppression:

The legacy of Californians against oppression

1959: Blacks win the legal right to be treated fairly by businesses in CA with the passage of the Unruh Civil Rights Act. This is five years before the federal equivalent, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, is passed.

1963: Fair Housing Act is passed in CA: Blacks win (diluted) housing rights.

1974: Sex is added as a protected category to the Unruh Civil Rights Act.

2005: Marital Status and Sexual Orientation are added as protected categories.

2011: Gender Identity and Gender Expression are now protected. You can’t be discriminated against based on your genetic information either.

2015: Primary Language, Immigration Status & Citizenship are now protected.

2023: What can you do to add “Caste” in this legacy?

Help ban discrimination based on caste and be part of this legacy!

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