Practice of Caste in the USA: Share Your Testimony

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California state department’s lawsuit against Cisco for caste discrimination recognizes malaise in the diaspora.  Even after complaints by the victim in Nov 2016 to the Cisco HR about ‘the discriminatory behavior’ of his so-called upper caste managers and subsequent discussions, Cisco HR failed to take action on the ground that ‘caste discrimination is not unlawful‘. It shows that the American corporations don’t know about the practice of caste among Indians.  The same is the case in the U.K where the progressive anti-caste legislation was defeated in the parliament that the caste is “difficult to define“.
Both cases, it’s clear that the caste conceit Indians who practice caste in their day-to-day life which is visible in their DNA concealed practice of caste. Such devious concealment is accomplished by portraying Indians in the USA as a monolithic entity.

Share Your Testimony, Story, Narration, or Description on ‘Practice of Caste’ in the USA


If Indians had educated about castism and practice of caste to the Americans, the Cisco caste discrimination case would be been resolved inside the Cisco. It is insane to expect the caste conceit Indians will educate the American masses on castism. It’s the duty of anti-caste Indians to own this historic responsibility.

As part of this initiative, Ambedkar King Study Circle plans to collect the testimonies from the Indians in the USA on ‘Practice of Caste’ in the USA. Your testimonies may simple/complex, small /big, and subtle or overt. You may think that it’s part of our day-to-day life and seeing them as normalized but for non-Indians your stories and testimonies are invaluable. It will help them to get a real picture of the social life of the Indians in the USA.

Anonymity is completely understood and acceptable. Your testimony, story, narration, or description will be published with or without your name as per your preference. If you choose to be anonymous, your information will NOT be shared with anyone without your permission. Ambedkar King Study Circle is FULLY responsible for your privacy.

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  • Full Case Detail
    CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF FAIR EMPLOYMENT AND HOUSING, an agency of the State of California (Plaintiff)
    CISCO SYSTEMS, INC., a California Corporation; SUNDAR IYER, an individual; RAMANA KOMPELLA, an individual (Defendants)