The goal of Ambedkar King Study Circle (AKSC) is to promote an egalitarian society by challenging caste, class, race, gender and religious oppression and standing with the oppressed in their struggle for freedom.

AKSC believes that the struggle and liberation of one oppressed group are inextricably coupled with the struggle and liberation of all oppressed groups. Class struggle is inextricably coupled with the fight against caste and race oppressions and they are linked with gender and religious discrimination et al. Only by uniting these forces together and by launching the united struggles against all the oppressions each oppressed group can be liberated. AKSC stands for such united struggle and its activities are oriented toward such united struggle.


What is AKSC’s position on the caste question in the USA? 

According to AKSC, caste in the USA has the following characteristics: 

  • Casteism affects south Asians in various aspects of life, but it appears in covert and subtle ways
  • Lack of awareness among non South Asians: Caste’s influence in the U.S. remains hidden due to limited understanding among non-South Asian Americans about its practices.

We believe that the eradication of caste requires extensive mobilization, achievable by establishing a lasting base from the masses through membership.

How does AKSC work against caste discrimination in the USA?

The practice of caste often flies under the radar because many non-South Asians aren’t aware of it. It’s therefore crucial to address this issue consciously, and AKSC is committed to promoting inclusive and caste-free workplaces by addressing this important issue. We consciously combat caste collectively.

Through our programs, meetings, demonstrations, workshops, and conferences, we embolden our oppressed caste brethren to stand up for themselves in the face of discrimination and raise awareness among the local population about this issue that affects us deeply.

How does AKSC work against other forms of oppression in the USA? 

Caste discrimination, akin to race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation, underscores the need for distinct organizations dedicated to each issue. However, it’s equally essential for these organizations to foster collaboration and coordination in the fight against discrimination. AKSC will partner with these organizations, sharing knowledge and experiences about issues, and learning from each to strengthen our collective resolve against all forms of discrimination. We stand united against all discrimination.

How can I help?

  • Become a member! AKSC will serve as a democratic platform for like-minded individuals, and as more people join, our collective voice will grow exponentially stronger.
  • Spread the idea of social justice and equality by helping organize AKSC’s programs, meetings, demonstrations, workshops, and conferences. Work spans education and content creation to mobilizing and organizing.

Why should I join as a member in an anti-caste organization in the USA?

  • Membership provides a secure and comfortable environment for open, empathetic discussions, fostering trust and utmost confidence.
  • Hindu Supremacist (Hindutva) organizations in the USA, with their deep-rooted organizational influence and financial resources, embolden those who practice caste. Effectively addressing this issue requires an organization with a large, diverse membership base of anti-caste individuals from various backgrounds.

What are the differences between a Membership-Based Organization and a Volunteer-Based Organization?

Volunteer Based Organization Model Membership Based Organization Model
Whose welfare is the focus?  Focused on charity: upliftment and welfare of others Collective Empowerment: Those impacted or affected are responsible for their own upliftment and liberation hence they need to be organized.
What do they do?  Project based work, Advocacy, Lobbying Advance the ideas of social justice and social change through mobilizing the masses, advocacy and lobbying.

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