Who said What?!

Let’s have some fun with a baby shower game to celebrate the birth of a Law! 🎉

Discover how Civil Rights laws are made in the USA!

Black and white image of people marching with posters held up. Taken from behind. Centered, is a child sitting on someone's shoulders, towering over the other people marching.

Photo by Zoe VandeWater on Unsplash

Hey there! Guess what? We’re about to witness the birth of a brand new Civil Rights law! This bill has been hanging out in the California Legislature for a full 8 months, and all it needs now is a single signature from our governor to become a full-fledged law!

Let’s do the quintessential baby shower thing and play a party game!. We’ll learn about all the crazy things this Civil Rights Bill has had to fight against to make its way into our laws. It’s gonna be a blast! 😄

Game on!

1. Can you guess who claimed that a civil rights bill is unconstitutional because it’s too VAGUE? They argued that laws should be clear enough for anyone with ORDINARY INTELLIGENCE to understand what’s prohibited, because as they stand civil rights laws will end up with EVERYONE going to jail!


2. Guess who made the statement that everything is going just peachy, but it’s the civil rights bill that’s stirring the pot and causing a WHOLE LOT OF DIVISION in their community?


3. Can you guess who held up a sign saying “We Worked Hard For What We Got” in protest against civil rights legislation?


4. Imagine you’re in a time machine, and you hear someone exclaim, “But what about the children?!” They’re worried that all this chatter about oppression is making their little ones squirm in discomfort! They argue that their children shouldn’t have to feel any discomfort about “something that happened ages ago and is no longer true.” Who do you think said this?


5. Guess who exclaimed that the civil right bill will NULLIFY all other constitutional rights – particularly their right to due process – because it bans their version of prejudice?

  • “Presumption of GUILT!”
  • “no DUE PROCESS – by god, this is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!”
  • “I’ll be imprisoned for being myself!”
  • “What about MY rights (to oppress)?!”