Article 1 – Name :

The name of the organization shall be “Ambedkar King Study Circle”.

Article II – Aim :

Challenging  caste, class, race, gender and religious oppressions and oppressors on ideological, political and social fronts.

Article III – Means and Methods to achieve the Aim :

“Educate, Organize and Agitate” is our strategy to achieve our aim.

Nurturing our intellectual capacity by regular reading and debates.

Organize and participate in hall meetings, protests and demonstrations to sensitize and educate the people in the United States on class, race, caste, gender and religious oppressions taking place across the globe in general, and among Indians in particular.

Article IV – Membership :

Any person who is above the age of 17 years, a resident of the United States of America, agrees to abide by this constitution, and is willing to pay the applicable membership dues shall be eligible for membership.  

Membership Fee :

Membership fee is annual. Period is July – June. All dues should be paid by Aug 31 for the year to come.

$120 / year for an earning member.

$12 / year for a student who is NOT working.

$60  / year for a non-earning member whose spouse is working.

Special Case : $12 / year for the non-earning member whose spouse is paying FULL membership of $120.

Exceptions will be approved by the executive.

This very fund will be used to build the organization through conducting seminars, conferences, hall meetings and protests independently or jointly (with like-minded organizations).  As of now, membership fund will NOT be used to fund ANY organization or movement or activities. Separate fund has to be raised for them on voluntary basis.

Article V – Bodies :

Executive :

As of now anyone who is part of any one of the sub committees and who delivers the tasks assigned to her/him will be an executive member. Every subcommittee will have a chair.  

Executive members will elect a secretary.

Every executive member should attend the book discussion. He/she has to inform the members in advance at least by a fortnight if he/she is NOT able to attend and emergencies are acceptable. People those who are remote and have emergencies can attend over WebEx. We strongly encourage in-person discussion.

New executive members will be added after deliberations in the current executive.

Secretary  :

Secretary will be elected every 2 years with simple majority if it’s not unanimous. Outgoing Secretary can’t be elected again for next 6 years.

Secretary shall discharge the duties of  treasurer until such time an independent treasurer is elected. He shall be responsible and accountable for the tasks assigned and follow it up to get them delivered.

Secretary has the right to convene the executive.

He/she shall  ensure that executive meets at least once in a month.

He/she shall  ensure that AKSC meets every month for a book discussion.

Secretary can be removed by 2/3 majority NO vote of the members present in the meeting.  Such meeting can be initiated by 1/3 member’s support with 2/3’s presence.

Article VI – Annual General Body:

Annual General Body (AGB) shall meet once in a year between Jul – Sep. NOT earlier than July and NOT later than September. Secretary is responsible to form the AGB committee and has to be approved by the executive committee. AGB committee is responsible in drafting the annual report (of the tasks taken up previous years) and future task for the next 2 years.

This draft has to be approved by the executive and placed in the AGB.

Any member can propose changes to the constitution. Any new additions, deletions or modification in the constitution will be discussed and voted (if necessary).

New Executive will be elected in every AGB. As of now all sub-committee members will be executive members. Any new executive has to secure at least 50% total AGB membres attended. New executive will elect the Secretary.